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Jul 26, 2016

Swissnex Boston 2016

Swissnex Boston

The University of Health Sciences in Vaud (HESAV) is part of University of Applied Sciences network in Switzerland. HESAV programs include a number of bachelor and master level degrees, including midwifery, nursing, radiology, and physical therapy, among others.

HESAV’s professionally-oriented courses prepare the students to be involved in the promotion of health and the development of community health policy, in the various sectors of this field of study.

From July 2 to July 16, 2016, sixteen physical therapy students from the school, along with their teacher, have attended the “Intercultural Dialogue” program organized in collaboration with Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences.

This exchange, corresponding to an optional module for the Swiss students, has as its main objective, beyond the discovery of the training and the professional practice of physical therapy in the United States, to expose students to other ways of problems solving, of understanding and organizing methods of work related to PT, and to enable them to develop independence and professional critical thinking.

The intercultural approach provides significant added value, as it gives students the opportunity to discover and have a reflection on cultural aspects that influence practices and ways of thinking.

The program offered by NEU was rich and varied, consisting of courses, seminars, professional visits, etc. It enabled students to participate in Neuroscience courses, benefit from lessons on endocrine and muscular skeletal disorders, visiting research laboratories in the field of neuro-motor rehabilitation and oncology systems.

The students were also received at swissnex Boston, where they discussed the differences and similarities between Switzerland and the United States, as well as international educational issues. Following their stop at swissnex Boston, they got campus tours of Harvard and MIT.

Swissnex Boston

The extra-academic part of the visit has been rich too, thanks to the American students involved in the exchange. The group attended a baseball game at the legendary Fenway Park, discovered different neighborhoods of Boston, and enjoyed the simple pleasures of visiting the Museum of Fine Arts and the famous Boston Public Library.

Guest Post by Carlos Masias-Valdes, Dean of International Relations at HESAV