Recherche & Développement

Mar 09, 2016

International research day

"Moving toward interprofessional collaboration:
International perspectives by researchers, educators and clinicians"

Monday 6th June 2016
Auditoire Mathias Mayor, CHUV

Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) has been recognized as a key element to build more efficient health care systems and for improved patient-outcomes. Various organizations such as the World Health Organization or the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health recommend IPC to improve quality of care. Particularly, practice-based interventions in clinical settings and interprofessional education (IPE) are promoted. Despite numerous studies suggesting positive impacts of effective IPC on patient outcomes, it remains challenging and problematic to implement in clinical settings.

This International Research Day will bring together researchers, educators, and clinicians from various countries, health care domains, and professions. Conferences and workshops will aim at better understanding IPC processes and practical issues when implementing both IPC and IPE. The following questions will be guiding this International Research Day: What are the roles and forms of communication, governance, leadership and decision-making in the context of successful IPC? How can IPE promote collaborative practice? How do patients perceive IPC and how can patient-centred IPC be performed? The dialogue between researchers, educators, and clinicians will help identifying obstacles of implementation and conditions in which IPC can be effectively implemented.

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